Hassan Hajjaj VOGUE, The Arab Issue

Hassan Hajjaj

VOGUE, The Arab Issue

Mar 19 - Nov 7, 2021

Vibrant portraiture set inside a world of bold colors, varied textures, and frenzied patterns commands attention in VOGUE, The Arab Issue.  Hassan Hajjaj’s photography challenges the viewer through an eclectic confrontation of styles, and invites them to re-examine cultural stereotypes and cliches.  Alive with color and patterns, this immersive exhibition brings together five important series developed over the past three decades.


Photo: Malikah LegsVogue: The Arab Issue series, 2016/1437 © Hassan Hajjaj. Courtesy of the Artist and M.E.P. Paris/France


May 21, 2021

FILM SCREENING – Hassan Hajjaj’s A Day In The Life of Karima: A Henna Girl

Join us for a screening of the Marrakesh-set documentary which follows Hajjaj's favorite 'Kesh Angel' character: Karima, who is a mother, wife, artist, henna artist and local icon.
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May 9, 2021

FAMILY FUN DAY – Mother’s Day Edition:A Community Celebration of Hassan Hajjaj’s Exhibition VOGUE, The Arab Issue

Join us for a fun and interactive family day. We will begin with a gallery tour to explore how photographers work and how they choose their subject leading to a crafting project where everyone will decorate their own frames.
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